Going into 2022, the pricing of Cocoon sofa beds will be changing. To help our customers understand why, we have put together this explainer.

Global supply chain crisis

The issues are a symptom of the global supply chain crisis, which has primarily been caused by labour shortages and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Furniture brands have been impacted by both shortages of delivery transportation and raw materials, which have been delaying production and driving up the costs.

This year we have seen exponential price increases to most, if not all, our materials.

To date we have absorbed the cost increases, however in January we will see yet more increases, so we will unfortunately be forced to increase our prices.

Coronavirus and labour shortage

Global supply chain issues can be attributed to a combination of factors, according to research by think tank Institute for Government.

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing restrictions and the general economic downturn led to a slowdown in manufacturing.

In many instances, the shortages were high up in production supply chains – with examples including glues and resins – which is why the impact is only now being felt.

The pandemic also exacerbated the shortages of skilled labour that were already being felt worldwide, with the haulage and warehousing industries among those worst affected.

For the UK, the issues are believed to have been further worsened by Brexit. Industries that have typically relied on a workforce from the European Union (EU) are finding it harder than ever to recruit staff, while border issues have impacted international deliveries.