About Us

We made it our mission to research, redesign and revolutionise the sofa bed for a deeper sleep.

How Cocoon Transformed the Sofa Bed Experience

Redesigning the Mechanism

Existing opening systems wouldn't work with a luxury deep mattress so it was back to the drawing board and testing out different opening mechanisms to find a solution. Cocoon launched the one touch easy opening sofa bed range.

Discover Effortless Comfort

Prioritising the mattress

The goal was to try to provide an improved sleep, encompassing a deeper more luxury mattress without compromising on the design of the sofa. Traditionally sofa bed design has been approached by building the sofa first and considering the mattress last. Cocoon started with the pocket sprung mattress to provide a great nights sleep every night.

Pioneering Sofa Bed Innovation

We believe that your sofa bed should be a haven of comfort, not a compromise. Unlike conventional sofa beds with their thin, uncomfortable mattresses, our team embarked on a mission to transform this essential home furniture into a luxurious sleeping and seating solution. We've crafted a sofa bed that stands unparalleled in the market. Our dedication to quality materials, cutting-edge design, and user-friendly functionality ensures that each Cocoon sofa bed offers supreme comfort, style, and durability.