Welcome Friends and Family with a Cocoon™ Sofa-Bed, Revolutionary Designed for Sleeping.


Cocoon's New Hybrid Sofa Bed Designs can Now Offer Everyone a Better Nights Sleep.

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Look How Easy the Cocoon One-touch Opening is.

The eMotionTM technology in every Cocoon sofa bed allows for easy opening, the mechanism does the hard work.

Cocoons Deeper Mattress Offers a Deeper Sleep.

Cocoon's unique Pocket SleepTM technology allows for a deeper more comfortable hybrid mattress integrated within every sofa-bed design.  

Small two seaters

Cocoon's two-seater sofa beds designs offer the widest bed, within the smallest sofa


Cocoon's three-seater sofa bed range offer a large king size pocket sprung mattresses  

Corner storage sofa-beds

Cocoon's modular twin storage corners are the best king size, every night sleepers

Single Chair beds

Cocoon's single sleeper chair beds offer more comfort in those smaller bed spaces