Cocoon Fabric Story

Good for the planet

We supports products that conserve precious water, and it is becoming clear that the cotton industry is moving into the spotlight from this environmental standpoint.

Cocoons small part in this was to move away from Cotton fabrics to use only the latest recycled micro fibre yarns within all of our fabric ranges, which clearly do not contribute to deforestation and high water usage.

Eco-Friendly Micro Fibre

Cocoon has decided the pros out way the Cons here.

We all gain from this yarns durable water blocking technology, whilst helping move another small step towards our Eco goals to positively impact the planet.

Water Blocking Technology

Cocoon have tested all our this fabric in high traffic , and in commercial settings such as,

Airbnb, holiday lets, work and home office spaces.

And recommend this product based on its results to date.

Now see it for yourself

Tested by Thousands of our customers over the last 4 years,