Ashley Corner Sofa Bed - RHF

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Micro Suede
Polar WhiteMicro Suede - Polar White
ButtermilkMicro Suede - Buttermilk
Caramel CreamMicro Suede - Caramel Cream
Storm GreyMicro Suede - Storm Grey
Midnight GreyMicro Suede - Midnight Grey
Coconut ShellMicro Suede - Coconut Shell
BisonMicro Suede - Bison
Prussian BlueMicro Suede - Prussian Blue
Warm GreyMicro Suede - Warm Grey
Micro Cloth
BeigeMicro Cloth - Beige
MushroomMicro Cloth - Mushroom
FudgeMicro Cloth - Fudge
ChocolateMicro Cloth - Chocolate
PopcornMicro Cloth - Popcorn
FoxyMicro Cloth - Foxy
ScreamMicro Cloth - Scream
CalmMicro Cloth - Calm
SummertimeMicro Cloth - Summertime
CobaltMicro Cloth - Cobalt
HomeMicro Cloth - Home
SafeMicro Cloth - Safe
EclipseMicro Cloth - Eclipse
Micro Weave
LinenMicro Weave - Linen
OtterMicro Weave - Otter
Frost (June 2021 delivery)Micro Weave - Frost (June 2021 delivery)
PebbleMicro Weave - Pebble
StoneMicro Weave - Stone
CandyMicro Weave - Candy
CherryMicro Weave - Cherry
PacificMicro Weave - Pacific
SkyMicro Weave - Sky
RoyalMicro Weave - Royal
SunflowerMicro Weave - Sunflower
Micro Velvet
TaupeMicro Velvet - Taupe
BiscuitMicro Velvet - Biscuit
MinkMicro Velvet - Mink
RaisinMicro Velvet - Raisin
MaroonMicro Velvet - Maroon
CoralMicro Velvet - Coral
Spanish TealMicro Velvet - Spanish Teal
Oxford BlueMicro Velvet - Oxford Blue
Pastel BlueMicro Velvet - Pastel Blue
Silver GreyMicro Velvet - Silver Grey
Ash GreyMicro Velvet - Ash Grey
Cosy GreyMicro Velvet - Cosy Grey
Custom - Custom

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Our Ashley corner sofa bed is a compact design. The pocket-sprung mattress is 180 cm combining with 10 cm arms for a total 200 cm length. and offering a  large 150 cm wide mattress.

Use the guide below to make sure that your new sofa bed fits well in your living space. Take into consideration the bed dimensions when fully opened.
If space is tight and your dimensions are critical, because our products are hand made you should allow tolerance to the below dimensions of +/- 5 cm.  If you need further help with sizes, contact us via chat or email. 

Ashley Corner Sofa Bed

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